Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Upgrading GuidanceAutomationExtensions and GuidanceAutomationToolkit

Well silly me I went and checked if there was and update to the GuidanceAutomationExtensions and GuidanceAutomationToolkit and low and behold there was.
So I downloaded the new installs and went about the task of installing the new versions. Well they still don't have an upgrade path in the installation program so I had to go and uninstall the old products. I had the "Web Service Software Factory - December 2006 (refresh)" installed as well so I started there. As I expected this uninstall did not go well.
After trying multiple time to uninstall (with reboots and everything else I could think of) I accidentally installed the "Web Client Software Factory - January 2007". Well to my surprise the Web Service Factory now uninstalled. Well I assumed that was the hard part, and boy was I wrong. Next after uninstalling the accidental install of "Web Client Factory" I tried uninstalling "Enterprise Library April 2007". This went as good as the Web Service Factory. So I thought maybe something in my environment got corrupted and i repaired the GuidanceAutomationExtensions, Toolkit and Enterprise Library. Still no joy.
After doing a lot of googling I came across Savij blog. His/Her problem wasn't the same as mine but the solution worked.
I tracked down the file RecipeFramework.xml in Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Recipe Framework folder. I removed

GuidancePackage Name="StrongNamingGuidancePackage" Version="1.0" Caption="Strong Naming Guidance Package" Description="Guidance Package that simplifies strong-naming of multiple projects" Host="VisualStudio" Guid="2d4b99e7-3126-4452-8882-edfd826ea78a" ConfigurationFile="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.0 - April 2007\Strong Naming Guidance Package\StrongNamingGuidancePackage.xml" Timestamp="633113779240000000"

GuidancePackage Name="GuidanceBlockFactory" Version="1.0" Caption="Application Block Software Factory" Description="Application Block Software Factory" Host="VisualStudio" Guid="8643B63B-A2A4-4ccc-933E-379645A3002E" ConfigurationFile="C:\Program Files\Microsoft Enterprise Library 3.0 - April 2007\Application Block Software Factory\BlockFactory.xml" Timestamp="633113779040000000"

from the GuidancePackages elements and tried to uninstall GuidanceAutomationExtensions again.
Hooray, it worked.
The only thing left now was to try the Enterprise Library and to my surprise that uninstalled successfully also.

Now I am of to try and reinstall it all again.

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