Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sharepoint 2007 OpenDocuments Class ActiveX Control

I recently started having trouble with IE 7.0 and my Sharepoint 2007 site were if I selected open Edit Document from the dropdown list on any file in a Document Library nothing would happen. I also noticed if a file was not already checked out and I clicked on the link to look at it nothing would happen. I could right click and open the link in a new window or tab but that just didn't help if I need to edit the file in Word or Excel.

I have tracked down the problem to an ActiveX Control Sharepoint adds to your browser "SharePoint OpenDocuments Class".

If you disable this Add-on the SharePoint Site behaves like you would expect except you don't get the Edit Document option in you Dropdown. This is by no means a solution to my problem, but I have at least tracked it down. I hope to find a Real solution soon.
Anyone have any idea? Anyone having the same problem?

Anyway I will let you know if I find more info.

Ok I did a little more research on this and found that many other people are having the same problem. It turns out to be a conflict with Sharepoint Designer 2007 OWSSUPP.DLL version 12 and Office 2003 OWSSUPP.DLL version 11.
I really didn't have the option to remove Sharepoint Designer since we are using it for custom workflow creation.
I ran Microsoft Office Diagnostics and it found 1 problem but unfortunately it didn't go into any detail as to what the problem was.
Lets hope this solves the problem once and for all!